Zurich American Insurance Co.  (Steadfast Ins. Co)
Rating: A  XV
Coverage’s/ Classes / Minimums:
Energy Classes: Tougher Energy/Petrochemical Risks for CGL and Umbrella. 
Minimum Premium for CGL, Auto and WC is $175,000
NON-ENERGY CLASSES: Manufacturing; Contractors ( No Residential); OLT; Equipment Leasing; Rental/Retail Stores; Distributors; Habitational; Bars, Taverns and Nightclub Business including Liquor and A&B coverages
Maximum Limits – $3,000,000.
Minimum Premium – $40,000.
MARINE COVERAGE: Hull and P&I; CGL; Stevedores; Shiprepairers; Marine CGL (s P/O Pkg); Wharfingers; Ocean Cargo and Excess MEL.
Classes: Dredges; Workboats; Tugboats; Charter Fishing Boats; Etc.
Minimum Premium –  $20,000.
ENVIRONMENTAL: CGL; Pollution; Auto; Umbrella – Good on Landfills Including Pollution and Contractors Pollution; Good on Oilfield Related – Salt Water, Chemical, Frac Tank Haulers
Minimum Premium – $1,000 (UST’s) and $10,000 All Other